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Galaxidi-Historical Reference

Galaxidi is a maritime city in the Krissaian Gulf and its landscape reminds you of past seasons. The city has a history of 4000 years, but it was in the beginning of the 18th century that it became famous due to its relationship with shipping. The people of Galaxidi started constructing merchant and passenger vessels at the city’s small shipyards and later on they traveled by those vessels in the Mediterranean Sea. The sailing-vessels of Galaxidi had been dominant for many decades in the field of maritime transport. Consequently, in 1815 Galaxidi was the fourth most important port of Greece, concerning its maritime and merchant activity. There was also a Maritime School founded in Galaxidi which had exceptional teachers.

After the maritime glory, it is the glory of the city that follows. Due to the wealth that was the result of the maritime activities, the people of Galaxidi have the ability to embellish their city by constructing buildings and cultural monuments. These mansions still exist nowadays and they are an attraction for the hundreds of visitors who arrive to admire this little city.


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