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In order to discover Galaxidi you have to walk at the seaside and admire the old mansions, and wander around the alleys which are full of colorful surprises.

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In the church of Saint Nikolaos you will have the opportunity to admire the woodcut iconostasis which is of rare beauty.

In the church of Saint Paraskevi, on the floor, you can admire the carved representation of the Heliotrope and Zodiac Ring.

In the Maritime Museum there are many remarkable exhibits and a rare collection of stamps and maritime documents.

The Folklore Museum, which is of equal importance, is housed in “Angeli Mansion”

The old Girl’s School (in Greek known as Parthenagogion)

The Monastery dedicated to the Transfiguration of Jesus Christ.

Walk at the area of Pera Panta, at the port, and enjoy the view of Galaxidi.


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